What is Ribbon magnesium alloy sacrificial anode?

2022-12-13 17:02:36

     1.Basic introduction

Ribbon magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is suitable for cathodic protection of high resistivity soil, fresh water and special parts with narrow space. Such as long-distance pipelines in soil or fresh water, inner walls of buried pipeline casings, large storage tanks and pipe networks, and underground cables.


  1. Product advantages

 From raw material – semi-continuous magnesium alloy rod – extrusion – forming, our factory completes the production independently, and the internal composition is controllable. Extruded ribbon magnesium anode, very flexible. Due to the higher area-to-weight ratio of the magnesium ribbon, it can provide higher current output than other anodes.


    Our company’s Ribbon magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is produced with high-quality and high-purity magnesium, which meets the standards of GB/T17731 and ASTM B843. It is extruded by a specific process. The anode has excellent electrochemical performance. Its shape is flat, and the length is adjustable and easy to bend which is suitable for high resistivity environment, protection of pipelines in bushings, temporary cathodic protection of pipelines, protection of storage tanks and pipe networks, and grounding grids against strong electrical interference.

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