Application of Magnesium Alloy Ribbon Anode

2022-12-13 17:02:36

Magnesium strips are mainly used in high-resistance environments, protection of pipelines in casings, temporary cathodic protection of pipelines, protection of storage tanks and pipeline networks, and grounding grids against strong current interference. The shape of the magnesium ribbon sacrificial anode is flat, its length is adjustable, it is easy to bend, its corrosion resistance is very good, it does not need to add DC power, it runs automatically after installation, it does not need maintenance, it Small footprint, low engineering cost, it does not have any external environmental interference. Magnesium ribbon sacrificial anode has a unique application in pipeline cathodic protection engineering. It is especially suitable for long-distance pipelines, crossing pipelines, large-scale storage and transportation pipelines, large-scale storage tank bottoms, pipelines or metal structures with complex terrain and harsh weather, grounding grids and short-term anodes for lightning protection in composite anodes.
      Whether at home or abroad, magnesium is mainly used in aluminum alloy production, die-casting production, steelmaking and desulfurization, and is also used in rare earth alloys, metal reduction and other fields. The use of magnesium sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection is an effective way to prevent metal corrosion. Widely used in oil pipelines, natural gas, natural gas pipelines and storage tanks. Ports, ships, submarine pipelines, drilling platforms, airports, bridges, power plants, municipal construction, water treatment plants, petrochemicals, etc.
      In actual construction, the installation method of magnesium tape winding is difficult to operate, especially when the pipeline in the crossing section is pulled back, the winding magnesium tape will increase the resistance, and the magnesium tape will easily fall off and break. Therefore, for crossing pipelines, it is recommended not to use magnesium strips, and it is recommended to add ingot magnesium anodes at two points, the outlet and the insertion point, and set up test piles to regularly detect anode consumption. For the pipe inside the casing, it is recommended that the magnesium tape should be installed in parallel with the pipe instead of winding, without reducing the number of magnesium tapes, so that the magnesium tape will not be damaged when the pipe enters the casing.

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