Prepackaged zinc sacrificial anode

Basic Information:

Place of Origin:

Zhengzhou China (Mainland)

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ISO9001:2000. SGS

Model Number:


Minimum Order Quantity:

20 Kilogram



Packaging Details:

Wooden Case

Delivery Time:

10-15 Days

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

Supply Ability:

100,000 Piece per Month

Product Description

Prepackaged Zinc Sacrificial Anode for Cathodic Protection 


Zinc anode is a kind of zinc component used to help galvanized steel and other objects. It is often used to prevent corrosion and help other materials corrode more slowly and last longer. The sacrificial zinc anode is also a part of a large system which gives objects corrosion resistant abilities.

They are common among metallic marine applications, such as boats with metal hulls and metal crab pots. Saltwater is very corrosive and will quickly rust the metal, unless the galvanic coupling (voltaic couple) is formed with the sacrificial zinc anode, which can greatly increasing its useful life in the water.

Zinc anode has been developed in SINO ZHENG for more than 20 years. With high capacity, current efficiency and high machine performance, sacrificial zinc anodes are widely used in cathodic protection of tank bottom, pipeline, and water pipe in soil environments.

Our Advanges

- Corrosion protection
- Provide effective and inexpensive protection for your boat in salt or brackish water,
- The galvanic coupling (voltaic couple) is formed with the sacrificial zinc anode, which can greatly increasing its useful life in the water.

Electrochemical Properties Open Circuit voltage (V) Working voltage
Actual Capacitance

Consumption rate Kg·(A·a) Dissolve situation
In Sea (1 m A / c m) -1.09~-1.05 -1.05~-1.00        ≥780       ≥95        ≤11.23 The product is easy to fall off, and the surface dissolves in uniformity.
In Soil (0.03mA/cm) ≤-1.05  ≤-1.03         ≥530       ≥65         ≤17.25

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition%
Zn Al Cd Fe Cu Pb Si
Balance 0.3-0.6 0.05-0.12 0.005max 0.005max 0.006max 0.125max

Prepackaged Zinc Sacrificial Anode for Cathodic Protection

  • 1.Do you provide OEM/ODM service?

    A: Yes, OEM/ODM is welcome, we have the professional R&D team.They work for you all the time (design, tooling/mould, sample, mass production).

  • 2.How can I know your company further?

    A:Please leave message in website with you email or phone number, the sales manager will send the catalogue to you by email or call you directly.Also welcome to visit our company!

  • 3.How can I get the quotation, sample, mass production?

    A: Please show us the sizes/drawing of the parts you need, our business director will show you detailed quotation with the lead time of sample and mass production.

  • 4.How do you control the quality?

    A: The products are produced under ISO9001 & SGS certificate.


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