Marine corrosion Aluminum anode

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Place of Origin:

Zhengzhou China (Mainland)

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ISO9001:2000. SGS

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Minimum Order Quantity:

20 Kilogram



Packaging Details:

Wooden Case

Delivery Time:

10-15 Days

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

Supply Ability:

100,000 Piece per Month

Product Description

Marine Corrosion Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection


Aluminum anode is used as a part of a technique called cathodic protection (CP). The aluminum sacrificial anode is also a conductive rod that is attached to metal structures or installed into metal devices. Aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes are suitable for the anti-corrosion protection of such projects are vessel,Mechanic equipment,Ballast Tank,Tank innter,Seashore facility,Seabed pipeline,Dock steel structure,Marine platform etc.

Our high potential aluminum anode adopts exclusive technology and chemical composition. The aluminum anode can be widely applied to high-temperature area platform, oil-water separator, heat exchanger, boiler, high-temperature pipeline, etc.

Aluminum sacrificial anodes have several advantages, such as lighter weight and much higher capacity than zinc anodes.

Our Advanges

- Corrosion protection
- Protect vessel,Mechanic equipment,Ballast Tank,Tank innter,Seashore facility,
- Protect Seabed pipeline,Dock steel structure,Marine platform etc.

Anode Type Open Circuit voltage
Working voltage
Actual Capacitance

Consumption rate
Dissolve situation
A11, A12, A13, A14 -1.18~-1.10 -1.12~-1.05        ≥2400        ≥85        ≤3.65 The product is easy to fall off, and the surface dissolves in uniformity.
A21 -1.18~-1.10 -1.12~-1.05        ≥2600        ≥90        ≤3.37

Chemical Composition

Type  Zn %  In % Cd % Sn %     Mg % Ti %   Si % Fe% Cu%  Al %
2.5-4.5 0.018-0.050 0.005-0.020    -  -  - 0.10max 0.15max 0.01max Balance
2.5-5.2 0.02-0.05          - 0.018- 0.035  -  - 0.10max 0.15max 0.01max Balance
5.5-7.0 0.02-0.045  -    -  -  - 0.10max 0.15max 0.01max Balance
2.5-4.0 0.025-0.035  -  0.025-0.075 0.50-1.00  - 0.10max 0.15max 0.01max Balance

4.0-7.0 0.02-0.05  -    - 0.5-1.50 0.01-0.08 0.10max 0.15max 0.01max Balance

Marine Corrosion Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection

  • 1.Do you provide OEM/ODM service?

    A: Yes, OEM/ODM is welcome, we have the professional R&D team.They work for you all the time (design, tooling/mould, sample, mass production).

  • 2.How can I know your company further?

    A:Please leave message in website with you email or phone number, the sales manager will send the catalogue to you by email or call you directly.Also welcome to visit our company!

  • 3.How can I get the quotation, sample, mass production?

    A: Please show us the sizes/drawing of the parts you need, our business director will show you detailed quotation with the lead time of sample and mass production.

  • 4.How do you control the quality?

    A: The products are produced under ISO9001 & SGS certificate.


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