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  • Magnesium wheels:

    In automobile parts, the wheel hub plays a vital role in fixing the tire to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle.

    In high-performance models, the weight of a set of wheels will be very different in driving experience;

    Therefore, many car owners will consider replacing lighter forged wheels to improve handling performance.

    Forged magnesium alloy has the highest strength among common metals. At the same time, the wheel hub has lighter weight, which can effectively reduce inertia momentum, improve braking efficiency and acceleration performance.

  • Magnesium plate:

    Magnesium alloy is an alloy composed of magnesium and other elements.

    It is characterized by low density (about 1.8g/cm3 magnesium alloy), high specific strength, large specific elastic modulus, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater impact load bearing capacity than aluminum alloy, and good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali.

    The main alloy elements are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium. At present, magnesium aluminum alloy is the most widely used, followed by magnesium manganese alloy and magnesium zinc zirconium alloy.

    It is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemical industry, rocket and other industrial departments.

  • Magnesium Sacrificial Anode:

    Magnesium alloy anode has high potential and is often used for cathodic protection of buried structures.
    It is mainly used for anti-corrosion protection of underground and fresh water oil and gas transmission, water supply and drainage pipelines, underground cables, chemical industry, communication, harbor, ship, reservoir gate and other projects.

    For example, oil and gas pipelines, storage tanks, hot water exchangers, condensers, etc

  • Magnesium welding wire:

    Magnesium alloy welding wire is used for all kinds of forging magnesium alloys and casting magnesium alloys. It is widely used in the welding of optical instruments, aerospace, auto parts, civil magnesium products and handicrafts.

    It is a special magnesium alloy welding wire for welding and repairing magnesium alloy fractures, cracks, trachoma and pores

  • Magnesium Heat Sink:

    Heat sink is a device for radiating easily heated electronic components in electrical appliances. It is mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass or bronze in plate, sheet, multi sheet, etc.

    It can be used in the field of shell, LED lighting, chip, new energy, computer industry, display screen and industrial industry.

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