High strength extruded Mg tube

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Zhengzhou China (Mainland)

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ISO9001:2000. SGS

Model Number:

AZ31B AZ61 AZ91D WE43 ZK61M

Minimum Order Quantity:

100 Kilogram



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Wooden Case

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10-15 days

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T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

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1,000 Ton per year

Detail Information

Product Name:

Magnesium Alloy Round Tube


Magnesium Alloy, Mag Alloy






Mg, Zn, Al, Mn, Fe


0.5 - 300 MM


100 - 2000 MM


Automobile Industry, Metallurgy,Aerospace, 3C Product


Tube & Pipe


Silvery White

Surface Treatment:







Round, Rod



HS Code:


High Light:

Seamless AZ61 Magnesium Alloy Pipe

High Strength AZ61 Magnesium Alloy Pipe

ZK61M Alloy Round Tube

Product Description

Professional Manufacturer Magnesium Alloy Round Pipe for Aircraft Parts


Worldwide standards of ASTM, AMS, BS, MG-P-62, etc..
Purity - Mg ≥ 99.90%, 99.95%
Sample offered
Direct factory from Henan province in China, with strict quality system
Prompt airway delivery and oversea shipment
Professional and great patient customer service after puchasement

Physical Properties

Density: 1.78;
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 26.8 x 10-6K-1
Specific heat: 1040 Jkg-1k-1
Thermal conductivity: 76.9Wm-1k-1
Electrical resistivity: 92nΩm
Modulus of elasticity: 45 x 109Pa;
Poissons ratio: 0.35;
Melting range: 566 - 632°C
Magnesium alloy is the lightest metal structural material, its density is 1.75-1.90s/cm3; its specific strength is higher than aluminum alloy and steel, and slightly lower than the highest specific strength fiber reinforced plastics; its machinability is excellent, easy to process and The processing cost is low, and the processing energy is only 70% of aluminum alloy; its corrosion resistance is much better than that of low-carbon steel, which has exceeded the die-cast aluminum alloy A380; its vibration damping and electromagnetic shielding properties are far better than aluminum alloy.

Why Magnesium?

* Lightest structural metal-33% lighter than aluminum
* High specific strength
* Better machine-ability than aluminum
* Excellent for complex shapes and tight tolerances
* Better shock absorption and dent resistance
Magnesium alloys are well-known for being the lightest structural alloys. They are made of magnesium, the lightest structural metal, mixed with other metal elements to improve the physical properties. These elements include manganese, aluminium, zinc, silicon, copper, zirconium, and rare-earth metals; Some of magnesium's favourable properties include low specific gravity and a high strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, the material lends itself to a range of automotive, aerospace, industrial, electronic, biomedical, and commercial applications.


The performance of magnesium alloy die castings is excellent, and the effect of substituting steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and other parts under normal conditions of use is very good. While realizing the light weight of the product, it also enables the product to have excellent special functions, and after the magnesium alloy die casting is scrapped, it can be directly recycled and reused, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, magnesium alloys with excellent comprehensive properties are known as the "21st Century Metal" and are widely used in automobiles, computers, communications and other broad fields.

Alloy Thickness(mm) Tensile strength Rm(N/mm²) Yield strength Rp0.2 (N/mm²) Elongation (A%) 50mm
AZ31B 0.3-3.00 260 170 24
3.00-10.00 230 140 18
M2M 0.80-3.00 190 110 6
3.00-5.00 180 100 5
5.0-10.00 170 90 5
AZ40M 0.50-3.00 280 180 17
3.00-5.00 260 160 14
AZ41M 0.80-3.00 290 190 17
3.00-5.00 270 170 17
ME20M 0.80-3.00 250 170 21
3.00-10.00 220 140 15
Extruded Magnesium Alloy Product List
Type Size(mm) Actual Size (mm) Remark Type Size(mm) Actual Size (mm) Remark
Wire Rod Φ4 Φ4   Round Tubing Φ22*2 Φ21.9*2.1  
Φ5 Φ4.9     Φ22*3    
Φ6 Φ5.92     Φ25*2 Φ24.9*2  
Φ8 Φ8.04     Φ25*3    
Φ11 Φ10.9     Φ28*3    
Anode Bar Steel Core Dia.Φ2 S=20 S=19.7     Φ29*2 Φ29.18*2  
  13*14 12.6*33.6     Φ32*2 Φ32.2*2  
Steel Core Dia.Φ3.2~3.5 Φ14 Φ13.94     Φ45*2 Φ44.5*2  
          Φ50*2.5 Φ49.96*2.5  
  Φ16 Φ15.7     Φ88*7.5    
  Φ17 Φ17.4   Square Tubing 20*20*2 19.7*19.7*2  
    Φ17.6     25*25*2.5 25*25*2.5  
  Φ18 Φ17.8     45*26*(3*2) 45*26*(3.3*2)  
    Φ18     50*30*2.5 49.7*29.8*2.5  
  Φ19 Φ18.7          
  Φ20 Φ19.8   Plates 25*5 24.7*24.7  
    Φ20.6     50*5 49.5*4.7  
  Φ21 Φ20.8     75*4 75.1*3.9  
    Φ21.3     80*1.6 79*1.65  
  Φ22 Φ21.8     80*2    
          90*1.4 89.7*1.35  
  Φ23 Φ22.6     100*1.2 100*1.15  
    Φ22.8     100*2 99.8*1.9  
  Φ26 Φ25.9          
  Φ33 Φ32.6   Section Bar 30*10*2.5   L shape
    Φ33.3     45*23*2.5    
  Ribbon 9.5*19 9.4*18.8     50*25*2.5    
  Steel Core Dia.Φ5.3 Φ18 Φ17.95     96.5*35*3    
Φ19 Φ18.7          
Φ20 Φ19.8     10*10*1.8    
Φ21 Φ20.8     15*15*2    
Alloy Bar Φ19 Φ18.8          
Φ21 Φ20.8     16*26   Penknife use material
Φ22       13*78   Cooling fin
Φ25 Φ24.8     25*25*2.5 25*25*2.5 Concave shape
Φ26 Φ26.3     50*50*50*2.5 49.1*49.1*49.1*2.5 Triangle
Φ28 Φ27.75     50*25*2.5   Semi-circle
Φ40 Φ39.9     45*13*2   Iformation
Φ50 Φ49.74          
Φ60 Φ59.5          
Re: We can also produce them as per your datas & drawings



Payment terms - 30% in desposit. We can accept T/T, L/C if you need

1.Magnesium and magnesium alloy as a green environment protection industry material, widely used not only instrument produce and military affairs industry, but also making magnesium alloy, used as reducer, deoxidizer, alterative in producing some alloy. 2.Magnesium is a important material in avigation industry, magnesium alloy is widely used in making airplane, engine and other parts, it is also used in making optics instrument. 3.As a strong reducer, it still used in producing Titanium, Zirconium, Beryllium, Uranium. 4.Purity magnesium has a week intension, but magnesium alloy is a well light structural material, widely used in space technic, aviation, automobile and appearance bearing and other industry department.

High Strength Seamless AZ61 Magnesium Alloy Pipe ZK61M Alloy Round Tube

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