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SINO ZHENG INDUSTRIAL INC. is a high-tech comprehensive enterprise integrating production, research and development and sales of cast magnesium alloys, magnesium alloy profiles and forged magnesium wheels. Our company is located in the beautiful and fertile hi-tech industrial development zone of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. Relying on the excellent technical team in the industry, the company continuously expands the application range of magnesium alloy materials through technological innovation, product innovation and process innovation, and is committed to creating Chinese magnesium alloy products and well-known brand with stable quality.

Our company adopts diversified operations, and its main products include magnesium alloy welding wire, magnesium alloy rods, magnesium alloy plates, magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes, magnesium alloy heat sinks and forged magnesium wheels.

our products

The magnesium alloy welding wire produced by our company has conventional specifications, such as 1.2mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, etc., all of which are produced by one-time extrusion molding process with stable quality. With these magnesium alloy welding wires, different types of magnesium alloys can be welded together, and the heat effect zone of the welded parts is small and the weld strength is higher than that of the non-welded zone. The bicycle frame welded with these magnesium alloy welding wires can achieve more than 150,000 vibration tests without cracks. The formula and technology for producing high-quality magnesium alloys have been developed, which cannot be imitated. Magnesium alloy welding wire produced with this formula and process can realize compatible welding between different magnesium alloy materials, that is, different materials of magnesium alloy can be welded with one kind of welding wire, and it has the advantages of small thermal effect zone, deep welding penetration and no blistering. In particular, the 1.2mm magnesium alloy welding wire produced uses a one-time extrusion process to replace the original extrusion and then drawing process. At the same time, magnesium welding wire with diameters of 0.3mm, 0.5mm,

Products advantage

The cast magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy profiles and forged magnesium alloy wheels produced by our company fully cater to the development direction of the country’s high-end metal structural materials with light weight, high strength, large specifications, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. On the basis of die-casting magnesium alloy, we strive for excellence in profile extrusion. The products involve high-precision magnesium alloy shapes, strips and plates, forming a longitudinal extension from cast magnesium alloy to wrought magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy profiles, and gradually develop high-precision magnesium alloy profile products.

At the same time, SINO ZHENG INDUSTRIAL INC. cooperated with a domestic professional forging magnesium alloy automobile wheels company, the factory covers an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters. After reaching full capacity, the annual output value will reach 3 billion yuan. At present, 5 forging production lines and 10 CNC machines have been built. Processing production line, 1 surface treatment production line, with advanced one-time forming forging technology and perfect testing methods, established a magnesium alloy automobile wheel research and development center, professionally responsible for pattern design, mold development, process technology innovation, and adapt to market needs. In order to improve product performance, our company has established joint R&D centers with domestic famous universities and colleges, providing a good guarantee for company’s technical strength.

Quality First, Technological Innovation

With the tenet of “Quality First, Technological Innovation”, our company has established a good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign customers with a good reputation, which has laid a solid foundation for the company’s further development. “The tide is wide on both sides of the strait, and the wind is surging.” In the face of the new situation, we will continue to improve the management level and product technology level, and is committed to more efficient, faster and more comprehensive service to customers and return to the society.

Our Team

Under our company’s mission and vision, we have gathered a group of outstanding experts with rich industry experience in leading magnesium alloy production, manufacturing, research and development, commercialization, quality and compliance.

  • Corporate Values

    Respect the nature and love people, sincerely return to the society, customers, employees and shareholders

  • Business Philosophy

    Innovation, transcendence, lean manufacturing

  • Corporate Idea

    Seeking truth, innovation and excellence

  • Corporate Target

    Cultivate leading talents in the industry; break through key technologies in the industry; consolidate the technological innovation platform; create technological solutions; improve the technological innovation system.

  • Corporate Control

    Oriented by the application market-with direction; with innovation as the goal-with plans; with node evaluation as the process-with tracking and performance appraisal as the means-with rewards and punishments.

  • Our Vision

    Customer achievement, honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, self-criticism, collaborative care, innovation and advancement.

  • Our Mission

    Change the world with the lightest material.

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Quality Assurance

1. Quality is the life, SINOMAGNESIUM is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman.

2. SINOMAGNESIUM has advanced production management and R & D technology and also continue to technical innovations.

3. SINOMAGNESIUM introduces new industrial automation equipment, and gradually optimize the every aspect of production process.

4. SINOMAGNESIUM brings in advanced quality test equipments so as to control all magnesium alloy products.

5. SINOMAGNESIUM has its own complete set of test methods and test standard.

Quality Management

1. SINOMAGNESIUM has strict and meticulous quality control in all aspects of the production process to ensure product quality.

2. SINOMAGNESIUM brings in advanced test equipment, which can test the quality of every magnesium alloys.

3. ISO9001: 2015 System Certification

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