Gloss black forged magnesium wheel

Basic Information:

Place of Origin:

Zhengzhou China (Mainland)

Brand Name:



ISO9001:2000. SGS

Model Number:

16″ 17″ 18″ 19″ 20″

Minimum Order Quantity:

4 Piece



Packaging Details:


Delivery Time:

20 – 30 days

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

Supply Ability:

2,000,000 piece per year

Detail Information

Product Name:

Forged Mg Wheel



Wheel Materials:

Magnesium Alloy

Finish Process:

Painting, Wire Brush, Polish And Chrome

PCD Data:

100mm, 108mm 112mm 114.3mm And 115mm

Wheel Hub:

16" 17" 18" 19" 20"

ET Data:

10MM - 50 MM

Painting Color:

Black, Chrome, Grey And Sliver

Hole Size:

4" 5" 8" 10"

Width Sizes:

13J - 22J


73.1 - 30.8

Spoke Type:

Equal Diameter

Drive Wheels:


Fuel Consumption Reduce:

10% -18%

Emission Reduce:


Braking Distance Reduced:


Acceleration Time Reduced:


Steering Force Reduce:


Tire Life Improve:


Endurance Mileage Improve:


Wheel Accessory:

Hub Ring

HS Code:


High Light:

17" 19" 20" Magnesium Alloy Wheels,Magnesium Alloy Wheels CB73.1, 22x12 Forged Wheels

Product Description

China Customize 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" Forged Magnesium Alloy Wheel Rim For Automobile Car


The use of magnesium alloy wheels is one of the most important methods of automobile lightweight. The average weight of forged magnesium alloy wheel hub can be reduced by 3-5kg and oil saving by 10% - 18% instead of forging aluminum alloy wheel hub.
Forging magnesium alloy wheel hub is getting more and more attention. The loading rate of high grade car, refit car and bus forging magnesium alloy wheel hub will be increased step by step, and the loading rate of forging magnesium alloy wheel hub will also be increased step by step. At present, it is a good opportunity for forging magnesium alloy wheels to broaden the market at home and abroad, and the development potential is quite huge.

Forged magnesium wheels are extremely durable and rigid. The strength of a forged wheel made from magnesium alloy fare exceeds the strength of a cast equivalent. This is achieved by forming a unique fibre structure of the alloy manufactured by the precision 3-D hot forging process in a press with a 20,000-ton capacity. A forged wheel does not crack; it is designed to bend without cracking. Forged magnesium wheels are stronger and more durable. Forged magnesium wheels are very lightweight, as much as 1.5 times lighter than aluminium wheels, forged magnesium wheels are twice as light compared to cast wheels of the same dimensions.

Key properties of magnesium alloy

Strength (magnesium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all commonly available metals)
Lightness (wheels made of Mg are 20% - 25% lighter than aluminum alloys, at the same load factor)
High damping capacity (Mg has the unique ability to transform vibrations into heat; for the driver that means a smoother ride with fewer jolts and quakes on pitted, uneven roads and longer life for the suspension system)
Heat thermal conductivity (Mg can dissipate heat quicker, an important advantage for prolonging the life of brakes and suspension)


The range of new energy automobile can be increased by 10% if magnesium alloy wheel hub is be used , BYD's E6 new energy automobile can run 300 kilometers on full power, one hundred kilometers consumes about 20 kilowatt-hours of electricity, After using magnesium alloy hub, the range of the car can be increased by about 30 km, and saves about six kilowatt-hours of electricity to achieve effective energy saving. For fuel vehicles, fuel saved 11.79% per kilometer,CO2 emissions were reduced by 2.06g.







 Reference Weight(kg)






 Load rating(kg)







 ET 30-60, can be specified as 30, 35, 38, 40, 42, 45, 54, 60 etc.

 Scope of PCD

 Accept the customization of 98 ~ 139.7mm,suitable for most cars.

 Raw material



 Forging + machining + painting

 Note: All parameters can be customized

Reducing vehicle weight is one of the important measures to improve Automobile fuel economy, reduce energy consumption and improve safety performance. For every 100kg reduction in the dead weight of an automobile, the fuel consumption of 100km can be reduced by about 0.7l, and the CO2 emission can be reduced by 2.5g for every 1L of fuel saved. The use of magnesium alloy wheel hub is one of the most important ways of automobile lightweight.

Our Advantage of Forged Magnesium Wheel

  • 1. Quality Process Control

    All wheels are checked by X-RAY testers, Helium or Water Air-leakage testers, Metallurgical Inspectors, Balancing Testers, Run-out Testers etc.

  • 2. Strength Assurance

    Based on American Standard--SAE, Japanese standard--VIA/JWL or Germany Standard-- TUV, we do Impact testing, Cornering Fatigue testing, and Radial Fatigue testing

  • 3. Dust free

    Painting line is sealed and dust-free

  • 4. Minimum Order

    40 wheels on each part number can be acceptable for production.

  • 5. Big inventory

    Big inventory (70,000 wheels) for various choices and instant shipment from our warehouse, you can choose even 4 wheels to cover more various car models.

  • 6. OEM/ODM service

    Use your logo for your wheels

17" 19" 20" Magnesium Alloy Wheels CB73.1 22x12 Forged Wheels

  • 1.How do you ensure wheel quality?

    A: Every wheel is physically tested in compliance with JWL VIA or TUV standard; Our team ensures the production process at every stage and our QC will inspect each procedure as well.

  • 2.How long does it take to finish the mold development?

    A:40-45 days around

  • 3.Can I take a sample first to check the product quality?

    A: We can offer one sample for our customers if they open the mold in our company.

  • 4.In case of quality problem, how do you deal with them?

    A: Firstly, you should take the photos or videos and send to us; Secondly, we will send you new wheels and cover all charges; Or you can deduct the wheel charges next order

  • 5.What can I do if I cannot find any interesting wheels in your website?

    A: Contact us on line or send us email, we can send you our new design, or you send us your pictures or designs, OEM and ODM are also welcome

  • 6.Can you help me build a new brand in my market?

    A: Yes, we are glad to do so.

  • 7.How to order and make a payment?

    A:After your selection, we will make you a PI. You can pay the deposits by T/T bank transfer or open the 100% irrevocable L/C at sight from your bank.

  • 8.what kind of finishing can you do?

    A: Black, silver, gunmetal, matt black, grey, hyper black, hyper silver, machined face, machined lip, color line, chrome, vacuum chrome, anodized, full Polish, milling, sand blast, two colors, etc.

  • 9.What kind of rims can you produce?

    A: Lower pressure, Gravity casting, Forged


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