Magnesium alloys have broad space in the field of new energy vehicles

2022-04-11 15:44:01

The downstream demand for magnesium is mainly concentrated in the automotive field. Since the amount of magnesium used in overseas bicycles is higher than that in China, the overseas demand for magnesium accounts for a higher proportion. With the overseas economic recovery in 2021, the overall demand for magnesium will increase rapidly. Driven by both cost and demand, primary magnesium smelting in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Anhui and other places was suspended due to the “dual control” in the third quarter, and the price of magnesium reached a new high. However, as the price of ferrosilicon fell, the price of magnesium began to return. .

According to a research report released by Capital Securities on December 24, the amount of magnesium used in my country’s automobile bicycles has increased from 1.5 kg in 2015 to nearly 5 kg in recent years. “Planning, the weight of pure electric bicycles will drop by 35% in 2035, and magnesium alloys will have a broad space in the automotive lightweight market in the future.

In terms of lithium battery structural parts, magnesium alloys have promising applications. It is reported that the metal structural parts in the lithium battery pack mainly include battery shells, battery brackets and cell end plates, etc., and are currently mainly made of aluminum alloys. Some magnesium processing enterprises have begun to promote structural parts such as magnesium alloy battery trays and cell end plates to car companies, and the overall weight reduction effect is expected to reach 30%.

Taking Tesla MODELS as an example, the total weight of the aluminum alloy structural parts used in its battery pack is about 125 kilograms. If all magnesium alloy hardware is used, the weight is expected to be reduced to about 80kg, and the weight reduction effect can reach 30%, which can effectively reduce the weight of the car and improve the battery life and operating experience of the car. At the same time, if the normal fluctuation of magnesium and aluminum prices in recent years is considered, the cost of magnesium alloy hardware can also be reduced by nearly 25%, and the future market promotion potential is huge.

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