The great future of magnesium welding wire

2023-02-01 10:58:01

Introduction to Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire

Magnesium alloy welding wire is used to solve the application of various deformed magnesium alloys and cast magnesium alloys in maintenance. It was introduced into mainland China in 2010. It is mainly used to solve common magnesium alloys such as AZ31, AZ61, ZA91, and AZ93. It is mostly used for kitchen utensils , auto parts , bicycles, aerospace and other fields.

However , the magnesium alloy welding wire  produced by Sino Magnesium is no longer a single grade to grade welding, but can be used for universal welding of various grades of welding wire , which not only has excellent welding performance, but also has a small heat-affected zone .


Magnesium alloy welding wire characteristics

Special magnesium alloy welding wire is suitable for gas welding and TIG argon arc welding of various forged magnesium alloys and cast magnesium alloys. It has good crack resistance for common magnesium alloys, and the welding layer can be suitable for heat treatment.

Advantages of magnesium alloy welding wire

Advantages: 1. The density is small, 1/3 lighter than aluminum, and its specific strength (ratio of tensile strength to density) is higher than that of aluminum alloy;

  1. High fatigue limit;
  2. Can withstand greater impact load than aluminum alloy ;
  3. Good thermal conductivity ;
  4. Good casting performance ;
  5. Good dimensional stability;
  6. Easy to recycle;
  7. Good machinability ;
  8. Has good vibration damping performance;
  9. It is superior to engineering plastics in many aspects and can replace engineering plastics;
  10. High corrosion resistance in kerosene, gasoline, mineral oil and alkali .

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