The application perspective of Magnesium alloy on Laptop

2023-07-07 16:20:40

First, light weight and good strength.The strength of magnesium alloy is twice that of plastic, so take an ultra-thin (thickness below 2.54mm) notebook computer as an example, to make the shell reach a certain strength,The thickness of the magnesium alloy is only 1 mm, but the plastic case must be made 2 mm thick. Therefore, with the same strength of the casing,Magnesium alloys are not only no heavier than plastics, they may even be lighter.

Second, good heat dissipation and anti-electromagnetic wave.Magnesium alloy has excellent heat resistance, heat dissipation and electromagnetic wave shielding effect, which can reduce the chance of electronic products crashing due to overheating. Not only that, its corrosion resistance is also the crown of all light metal materials (aluminum, magnesium , titanium).

Third, it is recyclable and conforms to the trend of environmental protection. Plastic cannot be recycled, but Magnesium alloys are recyclable metals. In recent years, many advanced countries have established regulations on a certain recycling rate for electronic products, which means that more and more 3C products will useMagnesium alloy material.

When “thin, light and small” becomes the development trend of electronic products, the magnesium alloy industry is also booming.

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