“Magnesium” Opportunities for Magnesium Alloys in the Lightweight Era

2023-06-08 15:48:19

Magnesium alloys are called “green materials in the 21st century” because of their light weight and superior performance. They have attracted great attention around the world, and extensive research has been carried out at home and abroad around their applications.

China is the world’s largest magnesium resource country, and the current global primary magnesium production mainly comes from China. In recent years, the overall operation of China’s magnesium industry has been stable, and the output and export volume have continued to grow. In 2019, China exported about 452,000 tons of various magnesium products in total, year-over-year increase of 10.2%, and the export volume accounted for 46.6% of China’s magnesium production; statistics from the General Administration of Customs show that under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, China has 6 kinds of magnesium products. The export volume of magnesium products under the tariff heading still totaled 393,800 tons.

Magnesium alloys are currently the lightest metal structural materials in practical application. With the continuous advancement of energy conservation and emission reduction, lightweight has become an important consideration in product design for industries such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, rail transit, and 3C products (computers, communications, consumer electronics), and various lightweight structural parts and components. and materials are used more and more widely. At present, the downstream demand for magnesium alloys in China is mainly in the automobile and 3C product manufacturing industries, accounting for more than 80% of the market.

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