The main performance and application of zinc anode

2023-04-04 10:53:57

The main component of zinc alloy sacrificial anode is “zinc”, the chemical symbol is Zn, the atomic number is 30, and the atomic weight is 65.38. A light gray transitional metal with a density of 7.14g/cm 3 and a melting point of 419.5°C.
Zinc alloy sacrificial anodes are mostly used in soil environments or seawater environments where the soil resistivity is less than 20 ohm · m. The electrode potential is -1.10VCSE , and the driving voltage is 0.25V . When the temperature is higher than 49°C , intergranular corrosion occurs , and when the temperature is higher than 54°C , the electrode potential of the zinc anode becomes positive, and its polarity with the steel is reversed, and the cathode becomes protected, while the steel becomes the anode and is corroded. Therefore, zinc anodes are generally used in environments where the temperature is lower than 49°C . Zinc anodes must use backfill .

We Sino Zheng can provide zinc anodes of various specifications and models (ship hulls; port facilities and marine engineering;zinc grounding battery; zinc strip sacrificial anode, etc.) to meet the needs of customers in different engineering environments, and can also manufacture anodes with special specifications and chemical compositions according to customer requirements.

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